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Sunshine Anderson gets a chance to promote her new album by opening for Joe and Brian McKnight……

R&B singer Sunshine Anderson finally released her sophomore album, Sunshine At Midnight, last Tuesday, January 23rd. The first single from the project is “Something I Wanna Give You.” The new album features production by Mike City, Raphael Saadiq, Warren Campbell, Walter Mislap, Nottz, and Dr. Dre.

Anderson released her gold debut album, Your Woman, in 2001, which included the hit “Heard It All Before.” But by 2003 she was without a deal until she landed a new deal with Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment.

“It’s been a dark hour you know and I know what it feels like. You feel like you in a little tiny room with eight doors and if you could just get your foot up under one of those doors. Just a toe in the door. You see the light under the bottom there. It’s got to be out there but you just can not get in that door you know what I mean?”

Anderson shared what it was like in between record deals. She said,

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