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NBA star Ron Artest is still promoting his debut rap album, My World. The rapper is also prepping the next release from his Tru Warrier label which will be from newcomer Foul Monday. The rapper will be releasing a new mixtape, Foul Monday Country, at the end of the month.

Artest, who now plays for the Sacremento Kings, is posting a weekly journal on where he responds to comments and questions, and addresses items regarding his album, Tru Warier Records, the NBA, pretty much anything he has on his mind and wants to get off his chest.

“I think for the mostpart like a lot of my friends stayed with me you know when I got into all that trouble. So I didn’t really have to like separate who was my friend and who wasn’t cause I always pretty much had the same friends you know when I grew up and I always came home so. You know once that happen I came home. You know I came right back to Queensbridge and I felt good you know. I felt safe around my friends.”

The NBA star recently launched his signature shoe, the KIX Chiefglider which is in stores now.

Artest is probably best known for his role in the brawl that took place between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons in November of 2004. Artest explained how he has dealt with the fallout from the situatuion. He said,

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