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Hip-hop legend KRS-One is currently in the recording studio working on an untitled album. The project will have a song dedicated to Nas which is tentatively titled, “Nas Tribute.” The song was produced by Marley Marl who like Nas grew up in the Queensbridge Housing Projects.

On the song, KRS-One raps, “Nastradamus I seen that/You was ahead of your time man then, a prophet, I mean that/people ask where’s Dr. King’s dream at?/I think it’s hip-hop, we’ve already seen that.”

“A certain ghettoness made them what they are but then when they get to where they are, they can’t repeat the ghettoness and they fall. Stay in the street.”

KRS-One recently explained why some rappers fall off. He said,

In related news, Nas is also working on a song dedicated to KRS-One for his next album. The song, “U.B.K. (Unauthorized Biography of KRS-One),” was initially slated for the Hip Hop Is Dead but Nas was unable to finish it in time. rn

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