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Singer and songwriter Brian McKnight recently released a new album, Ten, on his new label, Warner Brothers. The latest single from the project is “Used To Be My Girl.” The singer also has a song on the charts from the soundtrack to Madea’s Family Reunion.

McKnight recently explained his decision to leave Motown Records for Warner Brothers. He said,

“It was three, it was three fold. There was an under appreciation aspect of leaving the last label and coming to this one. There was a sense of wanting to be at a place where the label felt the same way about me as I felt about myself and that we all wanted to actively win in this situation. And three it was the end of a contract so there really wasn’t anyway I was gonna ended up staying away. So change is good. I really feel like I’m at a plce now where the vision for Brian McKnight is the same from my camp and the actual label.”

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