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Tea Leaf Green have released ‘Rock N Roll Band’ a DVD which combines their live show and a Documentary on the band’s history.

Tea Leaf Green have released ‘Rock and Roll Band’ a DVD which combines their energetic live show coupled a documentary on the bands history. By combining extremely talented musicianship with a solid touring schedule, Tea Leaf Green continue to build upon a growing fan base and for ‘Rock and Roll Band’ Tea Leaf Green enlisted the directing skills of Justin Kruetzmann, son of legendary Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann. Besides capturing the bands live performance at the Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado and their history in the bay area, an audio version of ‘Rock and Roll Band’ on CD was also made available.

We caught up with Trevor Garrod and Josh Clark of Tea Leaf Green to discuss the DVD and how the collabortation with Krueztmann began.

“Well he’s kind of a friend of a friend of ours that started asking to come out to our shows and after seeing some of our shows he got kind of jazzed on the idea of making a movie because we’re kind of a young struggling band and he thought it’d be a good story that he’d like to tell and you know he’s moving on to do other things. But it was pretty much as simple as that. We’re all Bay Area kids and stuff and we’ve been playing in San Francisco for so long that anybody that wants to come check us out will eventually.”

It was Kruetzmanns goal to not only capture the bands live performance, but to give fans a more intimate look into the history of the band growing up in San Francisco, California. We also talked to Trevor and about the DVD extras and the fact ‘Rock and Roll Band’ is much more than a live concert DVD.

“Well it’s a little bit more than a concert DVD too because it’s got interviews and it’s got us hanging out at the house and walking down the street and it’s a little bit more of the story of who we are than just a concert video. So it’s more of a documentary about us. A short documentary. Yeah, it’s kind of creepy.”

Tea Leaf Green will be performing in Philadelphia for New Years Eve and the band has also been confirmed for this years Jam Cruise 5 which departs from Ft Lauderdale, Florida on January 2nd, 2007. The cruise also features The Derek Trucks Band, Gallactic, Umphreys McGee, ALO, Burning Spear and many others. Tea Leaf Green will also be performing at the Langerado Music Festival in Florida on March 9th. (Photo Josh Clark courtesy Keith Berson)

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